Benefits of Blogging

There are many benefits from blogging. It’s both monetary benefits as well as intangible values.

Blogging is fun. Bloggers can write anything they like to write about. It’s an easy way to describe the projects you’re working on, or telling the world your hobby or experience. By blogging, one can capture the events as a virtual online diary.

Test blogging picture

Blogging with profits. Blog owners could earn extra income by providing rich content posts that attract traffic from search engine about certain keywords. People land on their blogs to read the posts, and click on the advertisements on the page. Even though the click-through rate is not quite high (the average above industry click-through rate is about 2%), but it’s still a stream of revenue for the blog.

In addition to ads clicking, blog owners can earn revenue from direct advertisement with businesses. They allow business owners to place banners on the blogs. Bloggers could make deals directly with the business owners or through some third-party portal.

The last and most common method of earning money from blogging is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products and leading traffic to their sites. Usually, traffic are tracked by cookies or IP address via a third-party (affiliate network)

Other than those monetary values from blogging, bloggers could gain authority and recognition from the internet and local communities. High quality posts can land the blog on the first few pages of big search engines such as Google and Bing.

Blogging is a great way to self promoting. Professionals can show the potential customers or employers how good they are via high quality and unique posts. For instance, IT consultants can write about the niche they are really good at, such as cloud, virtualization, storage, or network design, etc. A high quality blog could add some edge to the job interview and screening process. It’s a perfect way to present your subject-matters.

My goal when creating this blog is to test all possibilities. But my top priority is to share the knowledge to the community. Extra few bucks? Great, to pay for the host.

Happy blogging guys!